Tis’ The Season (Football Season, That is!)

Here in Collington, we take our fall lifestyle serious. We love outdoor living spaces, tailgating, and barbecues with neighbors! With gorgeous Virginia weather, and the fandom for both college and NFL teams, a sense of pride (and fun) erupts around here.  We have compiled links to some of the best  recipes for grillin’ on the web.  Don’t blame us when your neighbors show up unannounced and salivating!

Our Favorite Recipes

Best backyard barbecue recipes from the Food Network

The best paprika chicken

How to make a juicy turkey burger

Sweet and spicy oven baked ribs (for an unexpected rainout!)

We want to see how you tailgate in Collington, especially during football season. So much, that we are willing to giveaway Kroger gift cards as a thank you for sharing your life.

How to “play”:

  1. Tag our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/CollingtonOnline/
  2. Add the hashtag #TailgateWithCollington
  3. We will PM you with your winnings and how to collect!