Spring Flowers: Richmond Gardening & Events

It’s Never too Early to Start Planting! Read our blog for Spring gardening tips & events in Richmond.

Spring is finally here and many of us are preparing our gardens for summer. Richmond’s fairly temperate climate allows us to harvest some delicious veggies and beautiful flowers and herbs.

April is a great time to start planting vegetables like broccoli, beets, kale, swiss chard, and peas. In order to prep your garden for planting, make sure to rip up any weeds while the roots are still short. Early spring is also the best time to add lime- Dolomite is the finest ground limestone and is greatly recommended for getting your soil to the right pH before gardening. Just make sure to cover newly limed beds during heavy rains!


As for flowers, spring is a great time to set out any bulbs you have inside the house, like daffodils, lilies, or hyacinths. To prepare for perennials, make sure to add a layer of compost or peat moss (any organic matter) about 6 inches deep to prevent plants from suffering from summer drought. Read more at eartheasy.com!

richmond gardening

Beautiful perennial salvia flowers

Upcoming Gardening Events

The Richmond area also hosts a ton of great spring gardening events. To name a few, Historic Garden Week in Virginia in the last week of April has events in Westham Ridge, Westhampton and Ashland. The tour will feature the best gardens from historic Richmond neighborhoods, with different styles of homes such as midcentury modern, Dutch colonial, and Federal. All homes in the tour are situated on large, beautiful lots. For tickets: http://www.vagardenweek.org/main/tickets

richmond gardening

Historic Garden Week in Virginia is an event you won’t want to miss!

Maymont’s Herbs Galore plant sale is happening on April 30th, and all herb sales benefit the park. The event will feature dozens of plant vendors, food trucks, and From One Garden to Another bargain booth, which sells recycled gardening tools. For more information : https://maymont.org/experiences/annual-events/herbs-galore/

richmond gardening

Maymont Herbs Galore event

Last but not least, The Lewis Ginter Spring PlantFest is from May 6th to May 7th. This is one of the largest plant sales in the region, with more than 40 plant vendors.

richmond gardening

Lewis Ginter’s PlantFest will feature dozens of plant vendors.

As you can see, spring is an exciting time for Richmond gardeners. At Collington, we love seeing our unique homes blossom (quite literally) when the warmer weather rolls in.