One Man’s Trash…

With the warm weather, you may feel the itch to dig through your belongings and de-clutter. It could be that your closets are overflowing, or your basement is a storage area instead of a functional space. Getting rid of material goods is liberating. And it’s likely that later down the road, you won’t even remember what you gave away.


Donating to your local thrift store is a great way to get rid of things, and give back to the community. For clothes, if you haven’t worn anything in 6 months to a year, donate it. Whether it’s a tacky holiday sweater or a pair of hiking boots that have never seen the trails, they’re better off with someone who will use them regularly.

As for household items, the same rule goes—if it hasn’t been used within the past year, donate it. Certain exceptions apply, like a punch bowl for parties or holiday decorations.

Throw Away

Although many useful items are perfect for donating, there is probably plenty of “trash” in the house that is tossable. Check bathroom cabinets for expired medicine or old makeup, and recycle magazines or newspapers that have collected under your coffee table.

Have a Yard Sale

Yard sales are a great way to engage with your neighborhood and de-clutter your home. Perhaps you want an excuse to buy a new couch—someone nearby will be happy to take on your old furniture.

The hardest part about donating or selling unused items is the fear that you will end up needing them. Some items hold sentimental value, but the true memories remain in your mind.