Benefits of Buying a Brand New Home

Are you in the market to buy a home and considering building one on a lot of your choice? Building gives buyers way more freedom—along with numerous other financial benefits. At Collington, we welcome all new families and homebuyers that are looking to join an exceptional community. We are a Midlothian neighborhood that defies the stigmas of new developments. All of our homes have character and charm and are built by some of the finest builders in the Richmond area.

New vs. used is a common question

New vs. used is a common question that arises with most big purchases. But in terms of your home, a newly built property has countless benefits.

One of the main risks with buying an older home is the wear and tear that might not be noticeable during the inspection. There could have been previous water damage or plumbing issues, or your HVAC system could go out within a few years of purchasing your home.

All of these risks are gone with a new build. Repairs to a new home are normally non-existent and your home will truly be move-in ready. You can skip the hassle of replacing carpets, repainting, and replacing old appliances. Don’t forget to ask your builder about warranties!

New homes, especially in Collington, possess more energy efficient features, like proper insulation and double-paned windows. Most new appliances are energy efficient as well, saving you money on monthly utility bills.

Getting to know your builder is an important part of the buying process, and most builders invite homeowners to the design process. This gives you room to customize your build, and create your dream home.

When your time comes to buy a new home in Midlothian, consider Collington as your community of choice. We would love to have you! Check out our available homes at and schedule a tour.